Architecture Practice

A pen and watercolour study of the Williamsford Mill, a favourite place to stop on the way to Owen Sound


kitchen still life

Gouache painting made for my mom’s birthday. Another onion appearance!


Sketchbook post

I’ve been trying to commit to working in one sketchbook instead of having lots of tiny sketches floating around. Very happy that this paper accepts gouache without much buckling.

The other day I upgraded my gouache and can’t believe the vibrancy of the colours! For a comparison, the hand studies were done in Reeves gouache and the little pansy painting was with Winsor and Newton Designer gouache. Hopefully the W+N lasts a long time because they were darn expensive

Lesson learned: pretty colours do not hide bad anatomy. More hand practice needed

The Match Factory Girl

Some *almost-finished-but-too-scared-to-go-back* watercolour and acrylic studies of scenes from The Match Factory Girl (1990).

Lesson learned: Keep the scissors close by when venturing into backgrounds and composition

The colours of my scanned images are a little off. Hoping to learn how to sort that out soon!

Editorial assignment

This was the last assignment for Illustration Essentials! The task was to create an illustration for one of three articles. I went with “Casualties of Toronto‚Äôs Urban Skies.”

I experimented with watercolour and gouache for the comps and went with watercolour (and a fine-liner) for the final. I’m not sure if it’s because my watercolours are of a higher quality, but my gouache paintings usually look rougher in comparison.

It was a real struggle to show different textures and reflections with the watercolours and I ended up using pen to help define some some areas.

Noir assignment

Having a bit of fun with film Noir!

I was too nervous about messing up one panel and ruining the whole page so each panel was individually inked and glued to a separate sheet of paper. Looking back at this I wish I could’ve been more patient, just look at that crazy hatching!

The first and third panels were referenced